PSIRA Instructors Methodology Course



The PSIRA Instructors Methodology Course is designed to train individuals who wish to become instructors in the private security industry in South Africa. This course provides participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively teach PSIRA-accredited courses to security personnel.

The course encompasses a wide range of topics, including:

  • Theory on Different Methodologies: A deep dive into various teaching methodologies.
  • Design of Two Lesson Plans: Participants will learn to create lesson plans based on our Grade E manual.
  • Presentation of Lesson Plans: An opportunity to present one of the lesson plans created during the course.
  • Practical Application of Lesson Plans: Practical implementation of the lesson plans to refine teaching skills.
  • Final Written Examinations: A comprehensive evaluation to assess your understanding and competence in the subject matter.

The course requires class attendance for a duration of two (2) weeks.

Course Requirements:

  • Must be PSIRA registered
  • Must have a Senior Certificate (Matric/ Grade 12)
  • Must have PSIRA Grade B
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