Handing over, Registrations and Permits of a Firearm

Handing over of Firearm

Before any firearm is handed over by the controller. The controller must make sure that the person is competent for that firearm by asking to see their competency certificate. It is the controllers’ responsibility to check that the details on that certificate correspond to that of the firearm and ammunition register and permit, only then can the firearm be handed over.

Firearm register

It is important that administrative producers in the handing in and taking out of firearms are strictly adhered to. This will be done by means of filling in the abbreviated combine daily register of firearms and ammunition. (Under No circumstances are weapons to be handed over unless this has been done). Please see illustration in the back of Learner Guide.

Please note: it is important to ensure that you sign for the firearm that you are taking and that the controller who is handing you the firearm also signs this will confirm that the firearm handed over to you corresponds to the serial number that is entered in the gun register, check that the firearm that you have received matches the serial number which is written in the register. (See sample of Firearm Register on page 64 in the back of Learner Guide).

On returning your firearm make sure that the controller signs that he has received it and that the serial number on the firearm matches with the serial number in the gun register.

Firearm Permit

Once the register has been filled in and the firearm has been handed over to you, you will be handed a firearm permit with all the necessary details of the firearm, dates & times when the firearm is issued and when the firearm needs to be returned to the control room.  A firearm permit is a Legal Permit which a security officer carries when a company firearm is issued to him/her. (See sample of Firearm Permit on page 65 of Learner Guide).

Sample of how to fill in a Firearm Register and Firearm Permit. 

  1. Issuing officers Full Names and Surname
  2. Issuing officers signature.
  3. Firearm issuing process.

3.1. Date and Time

3.2. Make, Type and Serial no.

3.3. Calibre

3.4. Total of rounds (ammunition) booked out.

3.5. Co. No, Initials, Surname and Id number of receiving. Officer and Signature.

3.6. Co. No, Initials, Surname and Id number of issuing. Officer and Signature.

  1. Site name where firearm will be held.
  2. Permit Number

Issuing of a company firearm:

5.1 Security Officer full name(s) and Surname.

5.2 Security Officer Employee number 

5.3 Security Officer ID number.

5.4 Firearm serial number.

5.5 Make of firearm.   

5.6 Amount of ammunition issued.

5.7 Valid time of issuing the permit.

5.8 Valid date of issuing the permit.

5.9 Expiring time of permit. 

5.10 Expiring date of permit.

5.11 Security Officer Signature. 

5.12 Building name where the Security Officer will work.

5.13 Witness signature when Security Officer received the firearm.  

5.14 Supervisor signature

Returning of a Company firearm:

5.15 Signature of Security Officer / Supervisor returned the firearm.

5.16 Total amount of ammunition returned.

5.17 Date when firearm has been returned.

  1. Firearm retuning process.

6.1. Co. No, Initials, Surname and Id number of retuning. Officer Signature.

6.2. Co No, Initials, Surname and Id number of receiving. Officer Signature.

6.3. Retuned Date.

6.4. Ensure ammunitions correspond with quantity booked out. 


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